Making the Most of Summer
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Thursday, August 16, 2018
By Gypsy Pines Photography
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Summer is one of my favorite seasons (but if we had to through, I would tell you they are all my favorite because each has high points).  The days are long, family and friends are taking vacations and time off, there is a multitude of things to do everywhere, I get to spend a whole month with Bear and Buttercup adventuring, it is high time for swimming pools and sprinklers, my list could go on for days.  As we realize the start of school, work and fall is right around the corner I am hit with an intense desire to make the absolute most of summer.

Each day of summer needs to jam-packed with non-stop, adventure chronicling fun.  My reasons? Buttercup only spends 1 month with us, being military means the likelihood of being in Pennsylvania for repeated years is slim, there are a multitude of activities to cool to miss out on, the best way to be a part of something is to get involved in it….so I give you the summer bucket list.

As we cruise through all the activities on this list, I will be adding in additional posts with links about our journeys and you can follow me on Instagram to check out all the fun we are rolling in.  The other piece of this printable is there are some blanks left for you to fill in with the people you adventure best with!

Now, how to complete the checklist….

Each item is general and not leading to a specific location, like the Statue of Liberty of the Denver Museum of Natural History, this way wherever you are, you can get in on the fun.  To find things in your area there is always the beloved tool Google.  You can also check out your local Chamber of Commerce, the events listed in the newspaper, and with more businesses and charities mastering technology the events near you tool in Facebook is extremely helpful.  All the activities we participated in or attended we found through brochures, the local newspaper, and a weekly email from the chamber of commerce about events in the area.

What I love about this list is the activities are general enough for all the journey participants to help decide on each activity, no matter the age.  There are activities for rainy days, sunny days, hot days, warm days, days when mother nature is losing her mind, every day of the week.  Activities which can be week long projects, some will only take a little bit of time, others could be a day long excursion.  Plus, the generality of each activity allows for all interests to be appeased from historical to sci-fi, volunteering to home-brew, whatever you do, there are things for you.


What did you do for the activities on the list?  What was your favorite one? What activities did you add?  Let me know in the comments and share your excitement with me!

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