Making a Baby Blanket
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Thursday, January 25, 2018
By Gypsy Pines Photography
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Every time my mom comes for a visit, we always do two things: crafts and clean.  So today we are going to spend some making some baby blankets.  They are so easy to sew, and very cost effective.  If you have a baby shower, or baby coming in to your life or family, this is a great idea.

All you need is a sewing machine, thread, top and bottom fabric, batting, and binding.

Overall, we made a total of three blankets of different heaviness  and softness for various uses.  When you choose your fabrics for the top and bottom of the blanket think about what the blanket will be used for.  Will they be floor blankets for the baby to lay and play on? Crib blankets to line the crib and sleeper with? or will they be sleeper blankets for the baby to have around the house?

To start, lay out the pieces of fabric you will be working with and iron each to get rid of the creases.  Ensure the iron is set to the appropriate setting (polyester, cotton, etc).


Place the fabric together and pin the edges, about 1 inch in from the edge.  Now, take out the sewing machine and use a basting stitch to keep the fabric together while you add the binding on to the blanket.  Ensure your basting stitch goes through all the layers of the blanket, and sew it about 1/2 inch from the edge.

The binding seems to be what hangs people up the most, and unfortunately, the packages do not come with instructions.  The first part to note when you open the package and take out the binding is there is a short edge, and a longer edge.  Take note of where the short edge is, this is where you will be sewing the binding to the blanket to ensure you completely through the all pieces and the blanket stays together and lasts.  If you are using satin binding like I am, I recommend using binding clips instead of pins to prevent pulling while you are sewing the project.  Binding clips look like hair clips and snap in to place.

Take the binding and fold each corner of one end in to the crease, like you are making a paper airplane.  Take out the iron and iron the crease to keep it nice and smooth.  Now, slide the blanket in between the short and long edge of the binding.  The diagonal edge of the binding will be where the sewing binding starts and ends, and will give you a nice smooth line.  Using your binding clips, clip the binding all the way to the corner of the blanket.  Do not continue all the way around the blanket.  This is to help ensure a nice smooth corner and prevent bunching.  Now sew the first strip of binding all the way to the corner.

When you hit the corner you are going to turn the blanket and the binding to create a smooth corner.  Right now do not worry about doing any back stitch, because you are going to overlap the binding as we continue through the blanket. Cut the thread and move back to your workspace.

Lay the second edge of the blanket down in the crease of the binding. At the corner, create a 45 degree angle on the top and bottom of the blanket corner. Use the binding clips to hold the binding in place. To make sure there is a nice even crease, run the iron across the corner.

Back to the sewing machine, this time with the needle at the intersection of the last edge and the new edge.

Continue this process around the remaining corners and edges of the blanket.  This is going to bring you back to the starting point of the blanket. 

The end of the blanket binding is going to be just like you started.  Cut the binding just a few inches past the starting point and fold the edges in paper airplane style.  Clip the last edge of the binding in to place.

As you sew the binding with the zig-zag stitch, go up the diaganol edge of the airplane corner as well.  This is where you do the back stitch to finish off the blanket.

Use the same diagonal method on each corner to keep the overlapped binding down. have made a beautiful, soft baby blanket

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