Making the Most of Summer
Thursday, August 16, 2018
Where Does Milk Come From? - Mapes View Dairy Farm - New Berlin, PA

Summer is one of my favorite seasons (but if we had to through, I would tell you they are all my favorite because each has high points).  The days are long, family and friends are taking vacations and time off, there is a multitude of things to do everywhere, I get to spend a whole month with Bear and Buttercup adventuring, it is high time for swimming pools and sprinklers, my list could go on for days.  As we realize the start of school, work and fall is right around the corner I am hit with an intense desire to make the absolute most of summer. Each day of summer needs to jam-packed with non-stop, adventure chronicling fun.  My reasons? Buttercup only spends 1 month ...

Making your House a Home: Unpacking
Tuesday, April 17, 2018
Where Does Milk Come From? - Mapes View Dairy Farm - New Berlin, PA

You have moved.  It may have been down the hall to a new room, across town to a larger apartment, into the suburbs for your first family home, or across the country into a whole new life, whatever it is you have to unpack.  For some this may be a daunting, anxiety inducing task, or it may be an exciting step in your journey to a new future.  You are full of ideas for your perfect home and cannot wait to get it picture perfect, and ready for the home tour.  And I am so excited for you.I am on house move number 5, so I know you are feeling all sorts of things.  This is to help you get to the picture perfect, magazine worthy home.Before you take the first step, take up ...

Making your House a Home: Creating a Layout
Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Congratulations! you have made the first step in settling in to your new home: you arrived.  If only moving was so easy, I would love to just show up, unlock the door, and everything be in its place, no boxes blocking the entrance, no cleaning to be done, no organizing or decisions on what room holds which purpose.  Oh how easy life could be if we had magic!But alas, we are not so lucky (or at least I have never been in any of my 5+ house moves).  However, with experience comes wisdom.  I have been there: overwhelmed by the change in square footage, not sure where to put things, unsure of how to organize the kitchen so cooking is not a day long ordeal, and struggling to ...

Start Somewhere
Friday, March 16, 2018
Where Does Milk Come From? - Mapes View Dairy Farm - New Berlin, PA

You must start somewhere.  It doesn’t matter what your goal is.  Where you want your journey to take you.  How you define success. You must start somewhere. Throughout life we are faced with challenges and changes.  Those who face those challenges head on, find the opportunity for success, enjoy the climb up the mountain are the greats we read about, watch on tv, follow on social media.  These individuals are no different than you and me though.  They are just a bit farther along the climb, while we are closer to the starting line. At 25 years old, I never imagined I would look at a flight of stairs in shear frustration; feel guilt for being ...

Making a Baby Blanket
Thursday, January 25, 2018
Where Does Milk Come From? - Mapes View Dairy Farm - New Berlin, PA

Every time my mom comes for a visit, we always do two things: crafts and clean.  So today we are going to spend some making some baby blankets.  They are so easy to sew, and very cost effective.  If you have a baby shower, or baby coming in to your life or family, this is a great idea.All you need is a sewing machine, thread, top and bottom fabric, batting, and binding. Overall, we made a total of three blankets of different heaviness  and softness for various uses.  When you choose your fabrics for the top and bottom of the blanket think about what the blanket will be used for.  Will they be floor blankets for the baby to lay and play on? Crib blankets to ...