The Buttorff's: Sunset, Cherryblossoms, and Family Portraits in Mifflinburg, PA
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Monday, August 20, 2018
By Gypsy Pines Photography
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Tama and Jason's family session at sunset, on the grounds of Gypsy Pines Photography in Mifflinburg, PA was absolutely breathtaking. Their last portraits were when they married, so it has been several years, and they decided it was time to add to their collection for when they share their family story.  When Tama and I first sat down and talked about portraits, the idea was to create a fun wall series of Leila somewhere in the home, and to do images of Tama for her Yoga Instruction with Inspire Yoga and Massage Studio.   Walking through the Buttorff's home with her, picturing their final renovations and placement of the few wall decorations they had in mind, we both looked at the same section of wall between the kitchen and living room and I told her it would be perfect for a large family portrait. The session went from a children's session to a family session, with the one perfect location to show off the love and connection of their small close family, a conversation starter and introduction to their family's story.

When I first pulled up to their wooded property I was in awe of the beauty.  The house is bordered by Pennsylvania woods on the outskirts of State Hunting Lands, and when you look out the kitchen window you may see a crane peacefully stalking fish in their pond.  This house is perfect for their lifestyle, and allows them to do all the thing they love to do as a family.  They have their quads waiting outside to go adventure, and have a space on the wall for a mounted deer they hunted.  Their life evolves around staying active and being outdoors, and I knew doing an outdoor session would help show this part of their life.  As Tama and I talked more about their lifestyle and their property, she told me they were interested in getting some chickens or ducks, and it sealed the deal, I recommended coming to Mifflinburg so she could see the ducks in action, and Leila could even play with or feed them.

Working with their family was full of laughs and fun because they are so close and high energy.  Leila, their curly-haired bouncy three year old could just not stop moving, and was struggling internally with adventuring on her own and directing her parents every move.  I loved it!  She showed me how to make wishes on dandelions, and made sure her parents had plenty of the fluffy white flowering weeds to join her magic making mission.  When she found out she could feed the ducks, and they may even eat out of her hand, she was off, feed bucket in hand, chasing those little fluff butts all around.  Everything about being outside and with her parents was a great game: cherry blossom snow-storms, strength test her dad's arms, tickle-fights and snuggles, she even did some yoga with mom.  The love and connection of this small family was touching and every image we made together will help tell the story of their life for years to come.

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