A Christmas Card Proposal - Mifflinburg, PA - Family Photographer
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Wednesday, November 28, 2018
By Gypsy Pines Photography
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Michelle (yes, me) and her red hot lova, aka, Ronny D, needed some shots for their holiday cards.  Thinking about all the places they visited in Pennsylvania, they knew R.B. Winter State Park in Mifflinburg, PA, was the place of charm and perfection - with the beautiful greens and browns of the different vegetation, the streaks of light breaking through the forest cover, the clear cool water of the streams running under the small bridges and next to trails - to share with all their loved ones.  It was a beautiful day, love filled the air, everything went smoothly and exactly as planned and prepared for with the equipment….


but really

Ron is not much of a picture guy; and when he is finally caught in front of the shooters eye, he is wearing a hat, doing something manly like digging a pond or washing a cow, with his head down or his eyes low, and covered by the hats bill.  As the keeper of the camera, I am not often in the picture either.  I am either taking the picture or am taking part in the action.  It's pretty hard to do both at the same time unless you feel like lugging around some extra equipment and have a plan, but it becomes more difficult to capture character during those perfect memory evoking moments without some serious forethought and set-up.  This does not mean it cannot be done, but sometimes I want to play and relax too.  So, as far as pictures of us, there really are not many outside of the few where I have set the camera up and sprinted back to whatever novelty object we were in front of, or made someone else take the picture.

Last year, the holiday cards were adorable (in my mind). There was an elaborate plan to chase down the ducks, and dress them up as little reindeer as they all waddled in a tidy little row.   Jiminy Bear and Cricket would be sparkly little elves watching the reindeer, and there would be me, in my amazing holiday sweater, surrounded by presents or trees or something.  This did not happen.  It was a picture of me trying to keep the dogs from tackling me, and then some of the dogs and ducks on the back.  This year would be different….

I started plotting my fabulous holiday card idea around August - trying to come up with the perfect amount of strange, but not too creepy, and still funny, for Ron and I to send to everyone.  While there were some great ideas, he knew I would want happy pretty ones as well, and suggested we get those done first.  After completing the necessary steps of preparation: outfits, identify a location, get all the gear to work correctly (if you are going to take pictures with a camera remote, make sure you test it beforehand, and have extra batteries), get gross weather and have to choose another day, it was finally time to get my pictures.

Off to R.B Winter State Park we went.  Since we have strolled through the trails before, and played in the woods, I had a strong idea of each spot we needed to visit, this would be quick and painless, and I would get my nice pictures (no tantrums necessary).  Ron, on the other hand, wanted to sit on various logs, have me walk up one like a balance beam, and "just see what is around this next bend".  Around the next bend was a stream with small drops over rounded rocks, behind an open area among the trees. He made his mind up, we needed a picture here, and one of this spot.

After setting up the camera we played a game of mirror.  Standing across from each other and holding hands, there was some kneeling, and some sitting, and some kneeling on the other knee, then it was time to stand after the wet ground sufficiently soaked through our jeans.  He helped balance me as I stood, my poor judgement thought heeled boots were perfect for walking through the freshly rained on woods, and while I was setting my feet to help him stand he pulled a ring out of his pocket.  After some kissing and hugging, and accusing me and my mother of spoiling the surprise, I looked down at my shiny, new, gold bound prism, and asked if it belonged on my right or left hand.  

My left, when standing and facing him, is the same as his right while he is kneeling, in case you were curious. Can you believe we got to do the whole thing over again?!?!?!?!

Two proposals in one day, and I couldn't be happier.

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